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you fit the basic dnf criteria
you expect a follow back
≀ 14
ur tsvtwt
mainly in genshintwt + anitwt
selective follback
lowkey rt heavy

> main fandoms; <
genshin impact
dr. stone
jujutsu kaisen
tears of themis
sk8 the infinity
chainsaw man
bungou stray dogs
the promised neverland
kimetsu no yaiba
✢> other animes i've watched; <
assassination classroom
cardfight! vanguard
violet evergarden
your lie in April
classroom of the elite
attack on titan (dropped)
a few ghiblis
sabikui bisco
✢CR; horimiya, world trigger
CW; blue period, MP100, furuba

✧ Carrds I made ✧

zine modding ^^

zine contributions ^^

event modding ~

ItaFushi Big Bang 2022jjkhead + socmedcreation
SatoSugu Big Bang 2022jjkhead + socmedcreation
Renga Valentine's Exchangesk8communicationscompleted
Free! Secret Santafree!generalcompleted
SK8 Secret Santa 2021sk8generalcompleted
Sakusa Reverse Bang 2021hqorg + socmedcompleted
Levyaku Big Banghqgeneralcompleted
Genshin Steampact Big Banggenshincommscompleted
Diona Mini Bang 2021genshingeneralcompleted
Atsumu Big Bang 2021hqsocmedcompleted
Universal Storybookgenshindiscord + ao3completed
Fated Uniongenshinsocial mediacompleted
Suna Rintarou Big Bang 2021hqheadcompleted
Jujutsu Kaisen Jukeboxjjksocial mediacompleted
Nekoma Big Banghqgeneralcompleted
HQ Trans Big Bang 2021hqgeneralcompleted
Sashisu Week 2021jjkNov. 7-13βœ“
Atsuken Week 2021hqOct. 10-16βœ“
AtsuHina Domestic Week 2021hqOct. 9-16βœ“
OiHina Domestic Week 2021hqSept. 21-27βœ“
KuroKen Week 2021hqAug. 16-22βœ“

event contributions ~

Chaeya Mini Banggenshinbeta✦completed
Ganqing Big Banggenshinbeta✦completed
Suna Big Banghqwriter✦completed
Omihina Exchangehqwriter✦completed
Ties of Fate: a Xingyun Mini Banggenshinbeta✦completed
Renga Week 2021sk8writer✦completed
HQ Big Bang 2021hqbeta✦completed
OiKage Exchange 2021hqbeta✦completed
XiaoVen Exchange 2021genshinwriter✦completed
SatoSugu Exchange 2021jjkwriter✦completed
HQ Rare Pair Big Bang 2021hqbeta✦completed
Inarizaki Big Bang 2021hqwriter✦completed